Rhode Island Colonial Charter: 1663-2013

350th anniversary of Rhode Island's "lively experiment" in religious freedom

Jennifer Wood, Esq.

woodJennifer Wood has served since 2007 as the Chief of Staff /General Counsel for Rhode Island’s Lieutenant Governor Elizabeth Roberts.  In this capacity she has supported the ongoing work of the Lt. Governor to strengthen the Rhode Island economy by making access to high quality health care affordable and sustainable as well as championing local businesses and the arts as major economic drivers for the State of Rhode Island.  The Lt. Governor has made it her mission to help small business owners, including artists and arts organizations, to address the critical issue of access to affordable, high quality health care.  With this focus, Wood has authored major health care reform legislative packages for the Lt. Governor and is working to support federal health care reform implementation in Rhode Island.

Wood came to Rhode Island in 1977 to attend Brown University where she studied International Relations with an emphasis on developing countries.  After working in higher education for several years she got her J.D. at Northeastern University School of Law, focusing on public interest law.  She has worked exclusively in public interest law capacities since, both in and out of government. Her private practice centered on representing children and their families in education matters.  She served as General Counsel for the National Education Association of Rhode Island and for nearly a decade as the Chief of Staff/Chief Legal Counsel for the Rhode Island Commissioner of Education.

Wood has focused her law practice in health, education, human services and government with particular focus on the rights of individuals with disabilities, education law, children’s rights, and civil rights. While in private practice Jennifer served as Legal Counsel to the Rhode Island Senate Health Education and Welfare Committee. She has served on the boards of, and supported the work of, a variety of philanthropic organizations including human service, arts, education and social justice non-profit organizations and philanthropies.

Wood and her partner Robert G. Lee, Chair of the American Studies Department at Brown University, live in Providence, Rhode Island, where they have raised their three children, Kate, LuzElena and Max.


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