Rhode Island Colonial Charter: 1663-2013

350th anniversary of Rhode Island's "lively experiment" in religious freedom

Dr. Stanley Lemons

lemonsProfessor J. Stanley Lemons, Professor Emeritus of History, specializes in the history of American culture.  His scholarly interests and publications have ranged over the topics of women’s history, African-American history, popular culture, American religion, social reform, and Rhode Island history.

After receiving his Ph.D. from the University of Missouri in 1967, Dr. Lemons came to Rhode Island College.  His books include The Woman Citizen: Social Feminism in the 1920s (1973); Aspects of the Black Experience (1975); Rhode Island: The Independent State (1983); The First Baptist Church in America (1986); The Elect: Rhode Island’s Women Legislators, 1922-1990 (1990); FIRST: The First Baptist Church in America (2001); Rhode Island: The Ocean State (2004).

One comment on “Dr. Stanley Lemons

  1. Carol Johnson
    May 6, 2013

    I found your article on the founder’s code cracked very interesting. I am a direct descendant of Roger Williams and would like to know where I can get more information about this code. I have almost finished this side of the family tree and thought it would be interesting to include a little more information about this code.
    Thank You for all the research you, former library director Edward Widmer and Brown University students have done to unravel the “Mystery Book” by Williams.

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