Rhode Island Colonial Charter: 1663-2013

350th anniversary of Rhode Island's "lively experiment" in religious freedom

RI 1663 Colonial Charter Commission Members

Mark Brodeur                         RI Economic Development Corporation

Dr. Clifford Brown                 Roger Williams Family Association

Paul Campbell                         Providence City Archives

Betty Capozzi                           RI State House Restoration Society

Paul Caranci                             Secretary of State Ralph Mollis’s Office

Zulette Catir                             Colonial Dames

Dr. Patrick Conley, Esq.      Professor of History, Providence College (retired)

Dr. Garry Fischer                   Redwood Library and Athenaeum

Roseanna Gorham                 Private citizen (formerly of RI W3R)

Clark Greene                             RI Department of Education

Dr. Morgan Grefe                    RI Historical Society

James Hall                                 Providence Preservation Society

Eric Hertfelder                         Private citizen (retired, Fort Adams Trust)

Al Klyberg                                 Private citizen (retired, RI Historical Society)

SueEllen Kroll                           RI Council for the Humanities

David Leach                               RI Jewish Historical Association

Dr. Stanley Lemons                 Professor of History, RI College (retired)

David Logan                               Roger Williams University School of Law

Dr. Steven Lubar                      John Nicholas Brown Center for Public Humanities

Alison Maxell                            Providence Athenaeum

John McNiff                                US National Park Service

Tony Mendez                             Media Professional

J. Wm. Middendorf                 Former US Amassador

Michael J. Murray, Esq.       Newport World Heritage Committee

Ron Onorato                              University of Rhode Island

Ray Rickman                              Historian

Pieter Roos                                 Newport World Heritage Committee

Ted Sanderson                           RI Historical Preservation & Heritage Commission

Martha Sheridan                       Providence/Warwick Convention & Visitor’s Bureau

Evan Smith                                  Newport Convention & Visitor’s Bureau

Gwenn Stearn                             State Archivist

Jonathan Stevens                     Governor Lincoln Chafee’s Office

Dr. Joyce Stevos                       RI Black Heritage Society

Ruth Taylor                                 Newport Historical Society

Shana Weinberg                         Brown University

James Wermuth                        John Clarke Society

Dr. Ted Widmer                         Office of the President, Brown University

Jennifer Wood, Esq.                Lieutenant Governor Elizabeth Roberts’s Office

Ken Yellis                                     Professional Curator

2 comments on “RI 1663 Colonial Charter Commission Members

  1. Gail Collier
    May 2, 2013

    My husband and children are direct descendants of Samuel Gorton. Is there any way to be involved or attend one of the 350th Anninversary of the Charter celebrations?

    • livelyexperiment
      May 6, 2013

      How exciting – we would love to have you at an event! We have several programs coming up, so be sure to check out our event listing at the bottom of the page. On June 22nd we’ll have all kinds of activities at the State House and the Roger Williams National Memorial. Hope to see you there!

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